​PageObject: HTML

​This PageObject is used to insert native HTML code to the website. The HTML is not shown, but included to the page's source code.

As no restrictions apply, developers should be careful with allowing this PageObject: Primary goal is to build robust templates, which are easy to use. Chances to destroy a working and good looking template should be reduced to a minimum.

HTML example (system generated)

<div class="fx_po_html">
​This PageObject renders as block element.

​Demo content

Available parameter:

  • html: [string] The value is inserted as HTML code.

Configuration example

{{ fx_page.slot("SLOT_NAME", _context, {"content": [
   {"type": "html", "config": {"html": "<p>Lorem ipsum</p>"}}
] }) }}
​For more details how to implement demo content please refer to the Demo Content Documentation.