​pixolino Templates: Attributes

With attributes editors are allowed to add a markup to each individual PageObject instance.

An attribute is defined in the template of the website. Each attribute consists of two parts:

  • A title, which is displayed for selection by the editor.
  • A CSS class name, which is included to the outermost <div> of the PageObject instance's HTML code.

You may process those CSS classes (aka attributes) with CSS or JS.

Editors may add more than one attribute to a PageObject instance. In this case the sort order of the CSS classes is the same as in the template's attributes list.

For the CSS class names the same naming conventions apply, as for the other CSS classes of the template.

Example: Included CSS class (“YOUR_ATTRIBUTE”) in HTML code

<div id="fx_poi_UNIQUE-ID" class="fx_po YOUR_ATTRIBUTE">